This two-channel video installation is set in a rural village one hundred miles northeast of Lima, Peru; 14,000 feet up in the Andes. The village, Morococha, has been split in two by the Chinese mining corporation, Chinalco. In one channel we see the old Morococha. On the other screen Ore-Giron pictures Nueva Ciudad Morococha. Chinalco created the newer planned city six miles away. This new site was built in order to extract copper from beneath the original village. Since 2013, hundreds of residents have been moved.

A work by Peruvian painter Josué Sánchez Cerron comprises the final element in the installation. Ore- Giron purchased the painting directly from the artist, a folk hero in Morococha, and close friend of the artist. The painting was taken from a chapel in the old Morococha. Another central motif in the composition, the church has since been destroyed. Cerron's Realism here contrasts Ore-Giron’s own depiction of working-class disappearance and displacement in this part of the world.


2 channel HD, stereo audio . installation with painting, and 5 polaroids TRT 23 min 2014

The Los Angeles Times review: